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Float is a collection of stories that immerse you in New York City’s public art, architecture and history. Focusing on people and places, Float explores forgotten facts, uncovers controversies, and ventures off the beaten path to find the remarkable artifacts that made New York the vibrant cultural hub it is today. From architectural landmarks to epic public art, Float documents the struggles and successes of artists, innovators, activists and landlords alike.


With Float, we want to change the way people understand and explore their urban environment. Created as a walking tour initially, we are now building a comprehensive and well researched archive of stories around art, architecture and history into an interactive app. Our original content is available through a new, unique app. Our stories are all about uncovering little known, yet relevant artifacts, and therefore Float appeal to locals and visitors alike.


Conceived by Sascha Mombartz, Float grew out of his interest to understand New York’s diverse and little known, but, rich array of public art and architecture. Sascha, who grew up in Ethiopia, Thailand, Germany and Egypt, studied Art and Design at the Cooper Union

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Float /flōt/

Origin: Old English: flēotan. From the German fliessen: Flow. Run. Pour. Stream.

Definition: Move along the surface. Be suspended freely. Hover lightly. Circulate. Drift. A sight or idea coming before the eyes or mind. Advance or test an idea. Allow something to fluctuate freely.

App: Float, a mobile app and urban culture guide (formerly known as ArtWalk) that lets you catch the flow of New York City through a stream of stories about its people and places, history and culture, art and architecture, music and literature, science and society.

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