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App Launch

Happy New Year, everyone! We finished off 2014 with the launch of the ArtWalk app! Download it from the iTunes store.

So far, the app covers about 40 sites and tidbits between the Bowery and SoHo, and we're currently working on adding another 80 stories in the coming months – so stay tuned!

If you haven't seen the app yet, check out our quick screenscast.

The app features a general map which shows your location and all available sights. From there you can click into each story individually or select the neighborhood or list view.

The Neighborhood view includes a map of the area, a suggested walking path – which you can but don't have to follow – and a list of location specific stories, which we call sights, but also non location-specific stories like ones people or concepts, we call these tidbits. Confused? It will all make sense once you try the app in hand! Last but not least we have our list view, where sights and tidbits are in alphabetical order and searchable.

Each sight and tidbit page includes a beautiful, original illustration and gives you the run-down of its story, background and significance while also providing a timeline of events and related links.


140917-ArtWalk-Kickstarter-Images_0003_App Small.jpg