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ArtWalk is now Float

We've changed our name!

I started this project out of my interest for public art, but quickly realised that in the tight knit fabric of our city everything is connected – the sculpture to the building, its construction to scientific innovations, and all of it makes up our history. New York City is a fascinating tangle of stories, which ultimately, are about people. The people that not only lived and worked in but, with their efforts, also built this city.

The project changed from being about public art and architecture to being about stories. Stories that could help us not only understand and appreciate the city but also discover the places around us. Often these stories are hard to discover, though all of its parts are out there, sometimes in plain sight. That’s what we want to do: assemble the intricate puzzle of your city into an engaging experience of the past and present.

And so the idea of exploring art while walking the streets changed into giving you the ability to simply float through the city and see the places and spaces around you in a new light.

Welcome Float!