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Research Fellow

You might call this an internship – but its a lot more than that. We're a small startup with a big vision and we want to give every member of the team meaningful, interesting and challenging work.

ArtWalk is an app that wants to change the way people understand the city’s cultural and historic past. We need curious seekers, detailed researchers and strong writers to help identify, research, and write original and compelling stories about the people and places, the art and architecture, that make New York the place it is.

What we are looking for

We are looking for interns able to commit a minimum of 2 days a week. You will be responsible for identifying, researching, and writing original and compelling stories for the neighborhoods we are adding to the app. Additionally there might be editing, social media, travel and business research tasks. 

We value

  • Strong research ability
  • Excellent writing skills
  • High level of organization
  • Ability to work independently
  • Interest in stories, writing, art, architecture, history and New York City 
  • Positive attitude, curiosity and willingness to learn and be self driven

The focus of the internship is to create precise and concise stories that capture what is interesting and worth knowing, in a personable, non technical, but detailed way. The final story should distill the essence, efforts, challenges, struggles, controversies and successes that characterize the featured place or person.

What we are offering

This internship qualifies you to receive school credit. A stipend to defray transportation costs is possible. You will be an integral part of our growing startup, doing meaningful work and gaining valuable experience. Your expertise, time and effort will be respected. You will be working in a bright and open shared office space in downtown Manhattan, and receive specific training to ensure your success.    

About ArtWalk

ArtWalk is an app that allows you to guide yourself through your urban environment. Location-aware, it shows you where you are on the map and points of cultural interest and historic significance that surround you. With a touch, each point expands into a concise and precise story about public art, architecture, music, literature or history that change the way you look at the city.

We currently have around 300 stories in Manhattan and are looking to cover all of New York. Which is why we need your help!