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What Makes a Story

ArtWalk stories are about artifacts that can be seen or experienced and fulfill the criteria below.

Good storytelling

  • A beginning, a middle, and an end
  • Explores human endeavors and what it takes to achieve them
  • Has  potential to change how users think and feel about what they see
  • Ends on a thoughtful note and inspires the reader to further think about what they just saw


  • The subject of the story stands the test of time
  • The subject of the story has made a difference to the city
  • Why did it matter then?
  • Why does it matter now?
  • The story contains unexpected, interesting turns and connections between people, places, and things
  • The story does not  promote a commercial proposition – it’s not an ad or a product placement

Create a flow

  • Give some context to the story geographically, temporally, socially
  • Introduce the people involved. Explain the challenge they faced. What happened and how was it resolved?

Sights vs. Tidbits

We distinguish between two types of stories: sights and tidbits. Sights are location specific whereas tidbits are not location specific. They could be about an abstract concept, a neighborhood in general,  a person or anything else that doesn’t have a specific location.

Whats next?

Get the template and submit your story.


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  • There is no guarantee that your article will be accepted
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  • If your story is accepted we will credit you with name & link
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