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Submit a Story to Float

Thanks for your interest in Float! You’re part of a select group that we are inviting to contribute to the platform.

We’re a tiny team with a big vision who want to change the way people explore their urban environment through stories about people and places. Our goal is to become the go-to destination and guide for visitors and locals alike to learn more about their city in terms of culture, art, architecture, music, literature and history.

We want to create a community of writers, researchers, urbanists, historians, explorers and artists to contribute to the pool of stories that make up this fabulous city we’re in. This is your opportunity to join in. We will credit you as the author with your name and link of your choice. Down the road we hope to add profiles and more community elements. 

You can get a sense of the stories and the app by downloading it from iTunes and reading the published articles online under

How to Submit a Story

  1. Look through to make sure your story hasn’t been written already.
  2. Stories need to be in Google Docs and shared with
  3. Take a look at the example stories, guidelines and duplicate the template document
  4. Follow the below Guidelines, use our template and submit your story


What Makes a Story Float

Float stories are about artifacts that can be seen or experienced and fulfill the criteria below.

Good storytelling

  • A beginning, a middle, and an end
  • Explores human endeavors and what it takes to achieve them
  • Has  potential to change how users think and feel about what they see
  • Ends on a thoughtful note and inspires the reader to further think about what they just saw


  • The subject of the story stands the test of time
  • The subject of the story has made a difference to the city
  • Why did it matter then?
  • Why does it matter now?
  • The story contains unexpected, interesting turns and connections between people, places, and things
  • The story does not  promote a commercial proposition – it’s not an ad or a product placement. Shops and restaurants are only permissible if they have a strong story.
  • Topics can range from art, architecture, history, literature, music, politics and science

Create a flow

  • Give some context to the story geographically, temporally, socially
  • Introduce the people involved. Explain the challenge they faced. What happened and how was it resolved?

Sights vs. Tidbits

We distinguish between two types of stories: sights and tidbits. Sights are location specific whereas tidbits are not location specific. They could be about an abstract concept, a neighborhood in general,  a person or anything else that doesn’t have a specific location.



You agree to the following:

  • You followed the guidelines
  • There is no guarantee that your article will be accepted
  • We might give you editorial feedback
  • If your story is accepted we will credit you with name & link
  • This is your original content
  • You didn’t plagiarize content
  • We are not responsible for your content
  • You allow us to use it online and in our app

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