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This document will serve to establish the terms and conditions under which tour participants shall participate in tours. By registering for a tour, the participants or their representatives have read, understood and agreed to the terms of this document, and have been given the full opportunity to ask the staff of ArtWalk (hereinafter referred to as the Tour Company) questions they may have about such information.


  1. Tour participants are encouraged to wear layered clothing, as weather changes quickly in the area. Comfortable shoes are strongly encouraged for the walking tours.

  2. Participants are encouraged to bring small/light bags if needed on the tours, as walking is a featured part of each tour.

  3. The Tour Company is not responsible for personal items brought on the tours. Please be sure tour participants take all personal belongings when departing locations.

  4. Participants must be ready to walk for the scheduled length of the tour.

  5. If participants are under 18 years old they must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or teacher.

  6. The Tour Company expects our participants to be respectful of the art venues, vendors, shops and restaurants, as well as fellow participants on the tours, and follow instructions as given by tour guides and operator.

  7. Please note that audio and video recording of any kind is not permitted during the tour.

  8. Restaurant and store recommendations are made with impartial, independent assessments and tour guides are not paid or compensated by any vendors featured on the tours or web site.


  1. Tours run in all weather, unless, in the sole opinion of the Tour Company, inclement weather makes touring hazardous or impossible, and specific policies apply in these cases: Only in the case of cancellation of a Tour by the Tour Company will full tour credit be given for a future date (the current rate for future tours would be applied), excepting any deposit made with a vendor or restaurant.

  2. Only tour credit will be assigned to a participant’s account after registration. Only in the case of impending serious snowstorms that would inhibit travel or make travel dangerous from registrant’s point of origin or in the location of the scheduled tour, more than 48 hours written notice of rescheduling from time of scheduled tour commencement must be provided in order to secure use of the full deposit/payment for a rescheduled date. If fewer than 48 hours written notice is provided in these cases, it is the policy to retain full (100%) payment of the scheduled tour. Management reserves the right to determine any adjustments to this policy on a case-by-case basis.

  • The Tour Company cannot be held responsible for delays or cancellations of customer trips that result from weather, traffic, or mechanical difficulties that may occur during your trip.

Payment, Booking & Changes

  • Payment and booking for the tour is done via or seperate tour marketplace. Please note website/service provider’s specific Terms & Conditions.

  • A tour is not confirmed until a confirmation email is sent to the registrant.

  • Tour registrants or their representative planner will be notified as soon as information becomes available about any itinerary changes.

Cancellation & Refunds

  • The Tour Company employs a no refund policy for tours. Once a purchase and confirmation are made, we may have to exclude other customers who ask to take a similar tour on a scheduled registrant’s  date(s) of service. A tour may be rescheduled to another date without penalty with a minimum of fourteen days (14) days advance written notice, subject to availability.

  • Customers who must cancel their trip due to inclement weather or other circumstances are required to provide more than 48 hours written notice prior to the tour commencement time. With fewer than 48 hours or no advance written notice of cancellation or rescheduling, The Tour Company reserves the right to retain full (100%) payment of the scheduled tour. Exceptions to this are tours offered during U.S. national holiday times, which need to be rescheduled a minimum of thirty (30) days in advance. Attempts to reschedule within 30 days of tour date at a national holiday time will be handled on a case-by-case basis by management and can result in full forfeiture (100%) of tour price.


  • The tour company aims to be on time for all tour starts.  Vendors (museums, restaurants or shops) hold places for tour participants at a set time or schedule.

  • Late Policy: When charter and private tour customers are late for scheduled departure times, If a registrant arrives late and the tour is forced to begin more than 15 minutes past the scheduled start time, Guesthe/she may receive an abbreviated version of the tour.

  • The tour operator is not responsible for opening hour, reservation or other changes made by 3rd parties or vendors.

  • However, the tour company reserves the right to leave on time, for public tours purchased from the website.  Please be at the designated meeting location at the scheduled time.  No refunds will be given for passengers who arrive late and cannot connect with the tour in progress. Efforts to connect with the latecomers will be made through cell phone communication, provided the tour guide is given your number. Once the tour commences, the tour guides are not available through cell phone communication, in respect for the other tour participants.


  • Tour participants must be self-responsible.  The Tour Company will not be responsible for any medical expenses that the participant incurs. The Tour Company cannot be held responsible for any injuries or medical or legal expenses incurred during the tours or as a result of activities or injuries incurred during the tours. The participants agree to bear full responsibility for any liability resulting therefrom. The participant shall release, hold harmless and indemnify The Tour Company, its officers, agents and employees from any and all claims, damages, costs (including reasonable attorney fees) and liabilities arising out of the participant’s participation in tours or use of site facilities other than such as results from the gross negligence of tour guide operators, agents, or employees.

  • Travel costs (limousines, taxis or subway/bus rides) are the sole responsibility of tour participants, unless expressly indicated in the tour description or contract.

  • Additional charges from tour and restaurant upgrades requested or not pre-arranged in tour description will be the sole responsibility of tour participants, including any requested alcoholic beverages.

  • We respect your privacy and will keep your contact information and email address confidential.  We reserve the right to contact you to request feedback on your tour.

  • This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of New York and any dispute arising under or in connection with this agreement or related to any matter which is the subject of the agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and/or federal courts located in New York, NY.  

Thanks for reading the fine print! Now on to the real adventure!